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shecco, the worldwide expert in natural refrigerant news, helps companies bring their climate-friendly technologies faster to market through our designated websites R744.com, ammonia21.com and hydrocarbons21.com.
shecco also brings experts together offline through our leading conference series ATMOsphere, and publishes market research reports about natural refrigerant policy and trends.

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Natural refrigerant newsletters

Every day, we publish articles and updates on natural refrigerant products, policy, trends and events. Our newsletters make this knowledge more accessible than ever.

ATMOsphere conferences and workshops

Our leading conference series for natural refrigerants, ATMOsphere, takes place annually in Europe, North America and Asia. Stay informed about our events through our newsletters.

Accelerate magazines

Monthly magazine for end users working with or planning to use natural refrigerant based technologies in HVAC&R

GUIDES & reports from shecco Market Development

shecco’s Business Development department provides a wide range of analytical studies to help grow your business. Our reports provide actionable conclusions to help you make the right strategic decisions.

Special projects

News about special regional or global projects to advance the market for natural refrigerants
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